boat bilge pump seaflo

Boat Bilge Pump

A range of quality boat bilge pumps from Seaflo, ranging in capacity from 350 to 3500 gph flow rate.

350gph to 1200gph inclusive have 19mm connector.

1250gph to 2000gph have a 25mm connector.

3500gph has a 38mm connector.

Also we have 24v bilge pumps in two sizes 1200gph and 1250gph.

Automatic Boat Bilge Pump

auto boat bilge pump


 Auto Boat Bilge Pump.

Quality auto boat bilge pump. The automatic bilge pumps are 12v and connect via a 19mm hose. The automatic bilge pump as a built in float switch. The bilge pump also is fitted with overload protection.Quality automatic boat bilge pumps from North Wales Boat Shop.

Attwood 1700 GPH Heavy Duty Boat Bilge Pump

attwood 1700 boat bilge pump

Attwood 1700 Boat Bilge Pump

Heavy duty Attwood 1700 boat bilge pump designed for punishing applications particularly in commercial work. Large filter prevents clogging. Available in flows 1700 and 2000 gallons per hour and also in 12 volt or 24 volt. 1" hose connection. Please choose the boat bilge pump voltage you require from the drop bar menu on the right.

From £75.99


Hand Operated Bilge Pump

manual hand bilge pump

Manual Hand Bilge Pump

Deluxe hand operated manual hand bilge pump for small boats. The hand bilge pump has a pumping capacity of 12 gallons per minute (54lt) Approx 1.5lt per stroke. 25mm hose connection. The hand bilge pump Has a detachable stainless steel handle when not in use.

Foot Operated Boat Water Pump Whale Gusher

Foot Operated Water Pump

Manually foot operated boat water pump whale gusher boat cabin Foot-pump / water pump. Will pump 15 litres of water per min. Inlet and outlet connection using a 12-13 mm hose. A quality foot operated water pump, ideal for boats, caravans and motorhomes.

Only £53.99

Boat Water Pump

boat deck water pump

Boat Deck Water Pump

Boat deck wash pump , quality boat water pump, manufactured from brass. Has a 30 litre per minute pump capacity. The boat deck wash pump as 25mm connections. Power consumption is 8 amps at 12v. A quality boat deck wash pump, water cooling pump.

Only £119.99

boat deck wash down kit

Boat Deck Wash Down Kit

 Functions: This high pressure boat deck wash down kit washer can either be used to clean boats, motorhomes or cars with a 12VDC battery as cigarette ignition battery in cars. It can also be used to clean motorcycles, air-conditioners, outside walls, bathtubs, toilets and any other place where is hard for you to clean. It is also applicable for sterilizing of food processing place or machinery, hotel kitchens or restaurants as well as irrigation of trees, grass and flowers.Includes hose, 85 PSI spray gun, pressure pump, filter, carry case.

Boat Galley Water Pump

hand operated galley water pump

Hand Operated Galley Water Pump

 Hand operated boat galley water pump, which is fitted with a prime lock feature, which means water is immediately available on the first stroke of the pump. Chrome finish. Fitted in boat galleys, also can be used in caravan and motorhomes.