Boat Deck Hardware And Fittings

Boat Lacing Hooks

lacing hooks stainless steel

Stainless Steel Lacing Hooks

316 Stainless steel lacing hooks marine grade construction lacing hooks, pre-drilled with two  holes for fixing. High quality stainless steel lacing hooks.The stainless steel lacing hooks are available either horizontal or vertical. Quality stainless steel boat deck fittings.



Folding Boat Ladders-Boat Boarding Ladder

folding boat ladders

Boat Ladders Folding

A choice of two boat ladders folding. Quality folding boat ladders made from stainless steel tubing. Both folding boat ladders are 25cm wide. The 3 step folding boat ladder is 33cm folded and 65cm open. The four step folding boat ladder is 44cm closed and 88cm open. An ideal boat boarding ladder.

3 Step Only £99.99
4 Step Only £119.99

telescopic boat ladder

Telescopic Boat Ladder

 Telescopic Boat Ladders Manufactured From Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel. Ladder Is Telescopic, Platform Mounted. Designed To Fit Above Or Below The Platform. The 3 Step Ladder Telescopes Away When Not In Use. Ideal For Boats, Horseboxes, Motorhomes Etc.

emergency boat ladder

Emergency Boat Ladder

Emergency Boat Ladder, 134cm Long, The Emergency Boat Ladder Packs Away In A Canvas Storage Bag When Not In Use.

boat boarding ladder

Boat Boarding Ladder

Boat boarding ladder manufactured from anodized aluminium with plastic steps.
Designed to hook over the boat side.
Stand off tubes swivel inwards when not in use to fold flat, tubing is 25mm.
Boat boarding ladder show is 4 step, we also have for sale 2 and 3 and 5 step.

Boat Swim Platform

boat swim platform

Boat Swim Platform

Teak and stainless steel large boat swim platform.
Fitted with stainless steel adjustable upright supports.
Normally £399 however reduced on Special offer to only £299.99

stern mounted swim platform

Stern Mounted Swim Platform

 Stern Fitting Boat Swim Platform Made From 22mm 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Tubing And Eroko Hardwood. 40cm Long X 22cm Wide. Ideal For Smaller Boats With Limited Transom Space.Also Ideal For A Divers Stage Platform. Boat Deck Hardware.

Boat Grab Handles

boat grab handle stainless steel grab rail

Boat Grab Handles

Boat Grab Handles in Stainless Steel
316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel boat grab handles ideal for boat, yacht, caravan or motorhome the grab rail are supplied pre-drilled with 3 fixing holes, the stainless boat grab handles are 1" polished tube.
Sizes available from 8" to 40"

boat grab handles stainless

Boat Grab Handles

Boat Grab Handles in Stainless Steel
316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel boat grab handles ideal for boat, yacht, caravan or motorhome supplied with built in 8mm bolt, the stainless boat grab handles are 1" polished tube.

Boat Fairleads

stainless boat fairleads

Stainless Boat Fairleads

Stainless Boat Fairleads Boat Deck Fittings Two Hole Fixing Boat Fairleads Manufactured From 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, Various Sizes Available. 

Gas Bottle Holder

boat gas bottle holder

Boat Gas Bottle Holder

 Boat Gas Bottle Holder Ideally Suited For Mounting On The Boat Transom. Avoiding The Necessity Of Encasing. Also Ideal For Caravans, Motorhomes, Horseboxes Etc. Boat Deck Hardware.

Boat Cup Holder

boat cup holder

Plastic Boat Cup Holder

Collapsible plastic boat cup holder, manufactured from marine resistant materials, supplied with 4 stainless steel fixing screws.

boat cup holder stainless steel

Stainless Steel Boat Cup Holder

316 marine grade stainless steel boat cup holder. Manufactured from all marine resistant materials. Folds away when not in use, comes with fixing screws.

Boat Step 

boat step stainless steel wood

Boat Step Stainless Steel Wood Inlay

Quality polished stainless steel boat step wood inlay. The boat step is manufactured from 316 polished stainless steel 25mm in diameter.

folding boat step

Folding Boat Step

Folding boat step in either brass or chrome plated brass. The folding boat step have a built in 316 grade stainless steel spring to enable the folding boat step to be folded flat. The folding boat step is ideal for boats, motorhomes and horseboxes and trailers. Please use drop bar for choice

Mooring Bollard

boat mooring bollards

Stainless Steel Mooring Bollard

Stainless Steel Mooring Bollard With 4 Hole Fitting. Highly Polished Available In Three Sizes

Small- Base Size Is 120mm (4 3/4") Long X 95mm (3 3/4") Wide. Height Is 120mm (4 3/4").

Large- Base Size Is 6" Long X 4 3/4" Wide And Height Is 6"

Very Small Size Recently Added Is 75mm X 55mm X 70mm

Boat Gangway

boat gangway platform

Boat Gangway Platform

Osculati boat gangway, manufactured from extruded aluminium section and iroko teak hardwood.

The boat gangway is 2.3m long and 37cm long. Normally these are over £600 but now reduced to only £499.

Stainless Steel Bow Roller

bow roller stainless steel

Boat Bow Roller Stainless Steel

Stainless Boat Bow Roller. Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Medium Size Boat Bow Roller 9” Long X 2.5” Wide.

Is Pre Drilled With 3 Fixing Holes And Is Supplied With S/S Drop Nose Pin As Standard. Boat Deck Hardware.

small bow roller

Small Bow Roller

Economy 316 stainless steel small boat bow roller fitted with a nylon roller. The boat bow roller is 165mm long x 70mm in width. A cost effective stainless steel small bow roller for boats.

stainless steel bow roller

Stainless Steel Boat Bow Roller With Lock

 Medium sized, marine grade stainless steel boat bow roller with lock, with nylon roller and locking device. 320mm long (12.5’’).

large bow roller anchor roller

Large Bow Roller Anchor Roller

Large Drop Nosed Aluminium Boat Bow Roller Anchor Roller. 330mm Long. Designed For Inclined Bows. Boat Fishing Boats, Yachts Etc. Quality Anodized Aluminium Boat Bow Roller, Anchor Roller. 

Aluminium Boat Bow Roller

large bow roller

Large Boat Bow Roller Anchor

Large Drop Nosed Aluminium Boat Bow Roller Anchor Roller. 240mm Long. Designed For Inclined Bows. Boat Fishing Boats, Yachts Etc. Quality Anodized Aluminium Boat Bow Roller, Anchor Roller. 

Stainless Steel Boat Horns

boat horn 12v

12V Boat Horn Stainless Steel

12 Volt Stainless Steel Boat Horn, Comes Wired With 2 Connecting Wire Tails, Showerproof 316 Stainless Steel 12v Boat Horn. Comes Boxed With Instructions

Boat Windscreen Wiper

boat windscreen wiper motor

Boat Windscreen Wiper Motor

 Waterproof boat windscreen wiper motor with chrome brass housing and s/s front plate. The boat windscreen wiper motor is supplied with arm and choice of either 11" or 14" blade. The boat wind screen wiper motor works at 110 degree angle and is self parking.

Bilge Blower

boat bilge blower

Boat Bilge Blower

Quality Attwood bilge blower. Water resistant in line Attwood bilge blower. 4" Bilge Blower 100mm Hose 6.5 Cu.m/min - The most advanced marine ventilation system for safe engine starting. The Attwood in line bilge blower specially sealed, water resistant motor and in-line design provide quick and efficient ventilation of bilge gases ,3 Year Warranty ,12v

The in line Attwood bilge blower come in two sizes 3" or 4". 

Stainless Steel Boat Vent

boat vent solar powered

Stainless Steel Boat Vent With Light

Polished marine grade stainless steel boat air vent deck cabin ventilator. Has a light emitting perspex centre. This boat air vent design is low profile, rain and splash proof and gives permanent ventilation.The stainless steel boat air vent is Ideal for preventing mould and mildew growth in boat cabins.

Stainless Steel U Bolts

316 Stainless Steel U Bolt, Ideal For Marine Rigging Applications. Thread Diameter Is Either 6mm,8mm Or 10mm, Thread Centres Are 60mm.