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Boat Steering Kit System

boat steering kit system

Boat Steering Kit Full Boat Steering System

Full boat steering kit, boat steering system. Our boat steering kits are available in a range of boat steering cable sizes. Comes with a boat steering cable and a boat steering helm. Also comes with a bezel and all fixings. The boat steering kit comes with instructions and a fixing template.
Our boat steering systems come in two different types. One to accommodate outboard engines up to 50hp and secondly one to accommodate outboard engines up to 200hp. Fits all outboard engines. 

Up to 200hp
Cable Size

Up To 55hp
Cable Size

Boat Steering Console

boat steering console adjustable

Adjustable Boat Steering Console

Fully adjustable boat steering console with side mount for a control box. Manufactured from tubular steel then fully galvanized and powder coated for a smooth finish. Sold as console only, steering kit sold above. Please also check our page if you require a outboard engine control box and control cables.

Available only £199 free delivery

Only £199

Boat Steering Cables-Boat Steering Cable

ultraflex mt66 boat steering cables

MT66 Boat Steering Cables

MT66 Boat steering cables, the boat steering cable replaces ultraflex M66 and Teleflex safe T QC boat steering cables. Please choose size of boat steering cable required from menu on the right.
From Only £67.99

Boat Steering Helm

T71 FC Boat steering helm

T71 FC Boat Steering Helm
Rotary T71 FC Boat steering helm. The boat steering helm fits boats up to 24 foot. Maximum 200hp outboard engine. The boat steering helm comes with a 90 degree bezel and fitting kit. The boat steering helm replaces ultraflex t71fc, ultraflex t85, ultraflex t73nrfc, ultraflex t81fx, teleflex safe tqc and morse d290. The boat steering helm is compatible with the steering cables shown above. 

Only £77.99

mt66 boat steering cable-boat steering cables

 MT 58 Boat Steering Cable

MT 58 Boat steering cable. The boat steering cables replace Ultraflex M58, Teleflex and Morse 230 and 231. The helm end of these boat steering cables are threaded to screw into the boat steering helm. The boat steering cable is designed for lightweight boats with outboard engines under 50hp.

From Only £57.99

Ultraflex T67-Boat Steering Helm-MT67-Teleflex

Ultraflex T67-Boat Steering Helm-MT67-Teleflex  

Ultraflex T67-Boat Steering Helm-MT67-Teleflex.The boat steering helm is compatible with the boat steering cables shown above, designed for small boats and lightweight outboard engines. The boat steering helm comes with a bezel, fixing kit and instructions. The boat steering helm is designed for outboard engines up to 55hp. Replaces Ultraflex T67, Morse 230 and Morse 231 and Teleflex compact T and Teleflex TX 105.

Only £49.99

Boat Steering Cable Mount


Splashwell Mounting Kit

Boat steering splashwell mounting kit, ideal for use when transom is less than 33" (84cm). Steering cable passes through the tube. Supplied with aluminium tube, two stainless steel plates and stainless steel fasteners. A quality boat steering cable mount.

Only £37.99

Outboard Engine Hydrofoils

Boat Outboard Engine Hydrofoils

Quality boat outboard engine hydrofoils, give your outboard engine a lift.
Enables you to get on the plane more quickly and effortless. Give a more level boat ride.
• Eliminates Cavitation And Porpoising
• Forces Stern Up And Keeps Bow Down
• Includes Stainless Steel Hardware
• Suitable For Outboards Up To 50HP
• Can Improve Fuel Economy On An Underpowered Boat
• Maximum Lift At Low Speeds

Only £26.99