Complete Boat Anchor Kit

boat anchor kit

Boat Anchor Kits

 Complete boat anchor kits.  This kit comes with a danforth anchor, two metres of 8mm galvanized chain, three 8mm galvanized bow shackles and one 10mm x 30 metres of mooring rope/line with stainless steel thimble. The boat anchor kits are available in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8kg weights.

Boat Bait Cutting Board-Boat Fishing

boat bait cutting board

 Quality Boat Bait Cutting Board 

Bait cutting board for boats,  Bait cutting board for Fish & Bait Cleaning & Preparing. 
Extremely strong and tough against cuts and UV deterioration
The boat  bait cutting board is made from high density food grade polypropylene. Adjustable mounting leg Size 460mm x 375mm. Drain Hole.
The bait cutting board is rod holders mounted.

                                                               Boat Drag Anchor-Floating Drift Anchor-Boat Fishing

boat floating drag anchor

Boat Drag Anchor-Floating Drift Anchor

Boat drag anchor floating drift anchor, made from pvc coated cloth with belt. 800mm x 600mm. The Floating drift anchors are used for slowing boats down when in a drift. These are mainly used when boat fishing. A quality boat fishing boat drag anchor

Hand Held Fish Finder

boat fish finder hand held

Hand Held Boat Fish Finder

Fish From Anywhere, No Boat Required™Dock, Bridge, Shoreline, Boat, Kayak, Canoe, Ice 
Anywhere Your Tackle Box Can Go, the F33P Can.
The Hawkeye Hand Held Fish Finder as the following features. 
~ Compact Portable Design Fits in Tackle box or Gear Bag 
~ Instant/Accurate Depth, Fish & Structure Readings 
~ Floating Sonar Sensor Delivers Unmatched Portability 
~ Shoot-Thru Sonar Technology 
~ Audible Fish Alarm Uncovers Hiding Fish
~ Glare-Free Display with SoftGlow™ Backlighting
~Free Access to Our Online Technical Support System
The hawkeye hand held fish finder as dozens of exclusive features including WeedID®, mountable and side-scanable sonar sensor, and 4 user selectable sensitivity settings, the hand held fish finder is guaranteed to produce even bigger fish stories. The compact, palm-sized design fits in your tackle box, gear bag, or even in your pocket. It displays depth, fish, and bottom structure readings from 1.5 to 99.9 ft on a no glare, polarized VirtuView™ liquid crystal icon display. Fish are clearly revealed with an integrated fish identifier, depth scale, and 2 stage audible fish alarm. The multipurpose transducer on the hand held fish finder can be tossed from the shoreline, dock bridge, boat, or can be transom mounted or placed in-hull on a boat, kayak or canoe; Fish From Anywhere, No Boat Required Backed by HawkEye's industry leading 2 Year Warranty.

To Use: Simply turn the power on, toss the unique floating sonar sensor from the shoreline, bridge, or boat and instant depth, fish, weed, and bottom contour readings are now in the palm of your hand.

~ Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty 

Stainless Steel Fishing Boat Rod Holder

boat rod holder stainless steel

Boat Rod Holder Stainless Steel

Stainless steel boat rod holder. Polished stainless steel boat fishing rod holder. Holds four boat fishing rods. The boat fishing rod holder is 710mm in length. Quality rod holder at a low price.

Only £52.99

boat fishing rod holder stainless steel

Boat fishing Rod Holder Stainless Steel

Boat fishing rod holder in stainless steel. Complete stainless steel construction with very positive locking mechanism. Will clamp on tubing 25mm to 35mm. The boat fishing rod holder is also fitted with a soft plastic cup to protect the fishing rod.

boat fishing rod holder

Boat Fishing Rod Holder

A Budget Boat Fishing Rod Holder, Tough Plastic Construction. Mounts Into Stern, Gunnel Etc. 3 Hole Fixing. Comes With Cap. Available In Either Black Or White.