Boat Switch Panel

boat switch panel 12v

Boat Switch Panel 12v

Boat Switch Panel 12v 4 or 6 gang
Improved, black anodized aluminium , vertical switch panel with fused illuminated rocker switches.
Additional stick on labels are supplied.
Supplied with 5A fuses. + 2 x 10A spare
12v/15A max
Available in:
110010: 4 Gang
Size - 114 x 127mm
110009: 6 Gang
Size - 165mm x 114mm
Includes sticker for dome lights, anchor lights, search light, masthead light, horn, instrument lights, power 12v, power 24v, VHF radio, AM/FM radio, radio, bilge pump, compass, spreader lights, deck lights, system water, Aux 1, Aux 2, fan, Aux lights.

boat switch panel battery test

    Boat Switch Panel With Battery Test

3 Gang Boat Switch Panel With Battery Test Panel + Cig socket
A versatile vertical switch panel with 3 fused switches, a battery test indicator for 2 batteries and a fused cigarette lighter socket.
A perfect, all inclusive switch panel for the smaller boat
165 x 114mm

boat switch panel 6 gang

Boat Switch Panel 6 Switches Splashproof

New for 2024 our splashproof boat switch panel with 6 switches, uv stabilized plastic panel with splashproof neoprene covers on the 6 switches. 125mm x 108mm in size. Includes a selection of pre-printed labels.

Boat Battery Isolator Switch

heavy duty boat battery isolator switch

Boat Battery Isolator Switch

Heavy Duty Boat Battery Isolator Switch, Heavy Duty Boat Battery Switch Designed For The Installation Of Two Batteries. The Boat Battery Isolator Switch Allows The Boat Batteries To Be Used Separately Or Combined. Rated At 175 Amps Continuous At 12 Volt Or 300 Amp Intermittent.